Nokia's New Chief Wanted More Employees Using iPhones

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Stephen Elop, Nokia's new head honcho, has a tremendously tough task. He has to make Nokia not suck anymore. And with WP7, he's got a great chance—but as Businessweek reports, his biggest obstacle is his employees' old habits.


The BW report recounts Elop's tense questioning of 11,600 Nokia engineers, asking how many of them used an iPhone or Android. Very few hands were raised.

"That upsets me-not because some of you are using iPhones, but because only a small number of people are using iPhones. I'd rather people have the intellectual curiosity to understand what we're up against."

It's a brave stance, and an admirable one. It's also one the company will need if it wants to not die. [Businessweek, Photo: Robert Scoble]



But why? iOS is only third in marketshare percentage. Shouldn't they be more worried about Android?