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This Nope Trailer Is Great, But You Really Shouldn't Watch It

I mean, I'm not about to tell anyone what to do, but really, go see the film first.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Steven Yeun in Nope
Screenshot: Universal Pictures

If you haven’t watched Nope yet, do not watch this trailer. Jordan Peele’s newest horror film is still out in theaters, and if you’ve got the chance to see this stunner on the big screen, take it. This trailer is fantastic—but it also spoils the movie’s big reveal.

If you’re wondering why Nope would release an exciting, pulse-pounding new trailer after its release that offers a real teaser of some of the most charged and horrific events of the film—it’s clearly aimed at people who’ve already seen the film and are considering going back for more.

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NOPE | See It Again

Look, there it is. The big reveal laid out for you. I don’t think that knowing that “it’s not a ship” will ruin this film for you—in fact I would say that it might improve people’s experience. If you know from the onset that this isn’t a vehicle, but a predator, then you go in with a different sense of awe and horror.


If you know that this ship is in fact the alien itself, then you know that any attempt to reason with it is a lost cause. This creature is a shark, a wolf, a lion, a bear. And you are less than the threat you think you are. Watching Nope knowing this will force you to contend with the hubris of our main characters from the beginning, and make their task feel even more impossible... which will make the ending all that more sad/satisfying, depending on who you’re rooting for.

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