Norman Reedus is releasing a book of Daryl Dixon Fan Art

Daryl Dixon might just be the most popular thing about The Walking Dead, and Norman Reedus knows it - so he's gathered select bits of his fan's art into a new book.

Thanks For All The Niceness whittled down 3,000 submissions of fan art from across the world into around 100 pieces selected by Reedus, as a sign of gratitude to his legions of fans:

Thanks For All The Niceness is Norman's way to show his gratitude in a compilation of artwork made by his fans. The Norman/Daryl archetype is created in tattoo designs, cakes, pencil sketches, mosaics and more. Norman selected over 100 fascinating pieces that appear in this beautifully designed book. It's real art made by real people for real people.


The book, which will retail for $60, isn't Reedus' first: late last year he released a similar book containing selections of his own photography, called Like A Big Bald Head. There's something a little absurd about an actor commoditising his own fanbase like this, but at least it's for a good cause - according to Reedus' website for his books, a 'significant proportion' of the proceeds from sale will go to the The Bachmann Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation.

Thanks For All The Niceness will be out at the end of October.

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