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Nothing is real in movies but who cares when it looks this cool

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's been like this for some time now but nothing is ever real in movies anymore, it's just all special effects. Even that wall of that building that's out of focus in the background and completely forgettable was generated with a computer. That's why it's almost way more interesting to see the behind the scenes computer work—the VFX reel—of movies than to actually see the movie. Like this.

Above is the visual effects showreel of the intense Stalingrad movie we loved. Made by Main Road Post, you get to see that pretty much everything in the movie was fake. Momentous action sequences are obviously always faked but even the tiniest detail in the movie was dressed up to look, well, more detailed.


At some point (if we're not already there), all movies will just turn into animated creations. And maybe that's sad for some people who will miss the honesty of films (if that ever meant anything) but I just want shit to look cool. And this shit looks damn cool.


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