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Now Shipping kicks off the week with a new set of earphones from the legendary Grado. Unlike the entry-level cans the company is known for, though, they aren't cheap.

• Grado is now shipping their in-ear headphones, the GR8. I'm assuming Grado really wants you to read that model number phonetically, so I'm going to try to help them out. The company is known for their gr8 sounding over-the-ear, open-air headphones like the SR60, so the GR8 is a bit of a departure for the company. As far as specs go, the earphones cover the full 20Hz - 20KHz audible spectrum and are powered by a moving armature driver. Looks gr8 on paper, but with so many other in-ear headphone options available, it's probably best to wait until more reviews start trickling in before you pick these up. At $300, you want to be absolutely certain the GR8 are the omg gr8est b4 u buy k? Now shipping. [Product Page via Engadget]