Holy cow, it's already dark out. And depending where you are, probably cold. Everything we've got for you this week has a glowing screen. Which might not physically warm you, but you could at least pretend you're getting some Vitamin D out of the deal.

Retina iPad Mini

Quietly rolled out to the waiting world on Wednesday, the new retina screen fixes just about every qualm we had with the iPad Mini. It's sharp. It's also just about identical to last year's Mini in dimensions and weight, but with the added muscle of the A7 chip. Unfortunately, the price has grown significantly, and it's a fistful of Benjamins more expensive than a Kindle Fire HDX or Nexus 7. [Starts at $400]

Chromebook C720-2848

Not satisfied to offer a $250 netbook, Acer's just unwrapped a budget-friendly model that's $50 cheaper. This one forgoes some memory (2GB versus the high-end model's 4), but the 11.6" display, 16GB of flash storage and overall dimensions are the same. [$200]

HTC One Max on Sprint

This 5.9-inch supersized version of HTC's powerful One just landed at Sprint. While our UK colleagues were't really sure whether to call it a huge phone or a talkable tablet, this seems like just the thing if you're looking for a powerful Android phone with a brick-sized screen.[$150 with 2-year contract]

Nexus 5 on T-Mobile

Pure Android. Powerful specs. The future-proof guarantee of Google support and fast updates. We really liked this little speedster in a plain, unadorned wrapper, and now it's a choice for T-Mobile fans. [$450 full retail, less with a plan]