Now Available: Steelcase's Smart New Office Chair, Two Fujifilm Cams

While you were busy imitating a real-life GIF of someone continuously stuffing their face with Thanksgiving feast food, Steelcase and Fujifilm were rolling out a few smart new products. Check them out while you languish in the throes of food coma.

Steelcase Gesture


Most office chairs are built for one thing: sitting upright and hammering away at a keyboard. But today's devices go far beyond the old school desktop computer, and the reclining, tablet-holding, texting postures we often strike at work just aren't really supported by old school chairs. Steelcase's new Gesture takes all those different motions into account, and while it's pretty durned expensive for something you'll be rubbing your butt on, some folks will pay any price for all-day comfort. [Starting at $980]

Fujifilm XQ1 and XE2

The XQ1 takes the svelte but slightly disappointing XF1, packs in the X20's powerful image sensor, and adds a real power button in place of the zoom-to-power-on setup. Meanwhile, the XE2 mirrorless, interchangeable-lens setup builds on the XE1's features with a new 16.3 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS II processor for speedy autofocus, and video at up to 60 fps. [XQ1 starting at $450] [XE2 starting at $1,400]


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