Steelcase Gesture: A Smartphone-Friendly Office Chair

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Finally acknowledging that very few people actually sit in an office chair the way it was designed to be used, Steelcase has created a new chair that caters to all the wacky poses we strike when using various devices. So while the new Gesture can still be used with a traditional keyboard and monitor setup, it's also just as comfy for use with phones and tablets too.

Steelcase claims they studied some 2,000 people and discovered nine new office chair postures born from the way we all use mobile devices now. So to address those new ergonomics, the company designed the Gesture with improved reclining back support, floating arms that provide support while typing or texting, and even a seat that's comfortable to sit on right to the edges. And while the case for an iPad-friendly chair might seem flimsy, Steelcase knows what it's doing; the company already makes the best office chair for your buck.

In other words, instead of locking you into a single specific pose for optimal ergonomics, it's designed to flex and adapt to how people really want to sit throughout the day so they remain comfortable no matter how bizarre their pose. And thankfully the Gesture isn't just some design concept, it will actually be available sometime in the fall for a yet to be revealed price.


[Steelcase via PSFK]