Now Women's Mags Are Doing Augmented Reality

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Is it too early to say that augmented reality has jumped the shark? Probably, but now that UK laydee's mag Grazia has done a "3D issue" with pop-twiglet Florence and the Machine dancing across the cover, we're officially On Watch.


The AR codes are on the cover and throughout the magazine, and can be activated by holding it up to a webcam or Grazia's iPhone app. Then, Florence Welch from musical act Florence and the Machine will dance and sing along to single You've Got The Love, and the latest fashions will be modeled in 360-degree views. Form an orderly queue for the lavender calf-leather gloves, Gizmodo men. [Grazia via Guardian via FabSugar UK]

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@grogtot (since I cant replies to work). I really did not get the whole stereotype thing from the article. Being a woman with a career in a tech field, I can say from experience that stereotypes limit you only if you let them. As a woman, I do the job and let the sterotypes fall by the wayside in the eyes of the people who held the stereotype when they see its not true. I dont wait around for someone to tell me I am equal, I go out there and BE equal. Thats how steroetypes fall. The proof is in the performance.