Now You Can Pay to Have Your Facebook Profile Made Into a Real Book

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If you view your Facebook status updates, wall posts and pictures as precious memories, you have a problem (besides the obvious mental one): How do you keep them from disappearing into Facebook's overwhelming data-maw? Enter Ninuku Archivist.

For $24 a year, Ninuku Archivist automatically downloads your personal data from Facebook each month and sorts it into chronological "chapters" so you can easily print them out. ("Ninuku" is Native American for "wasting money.") From the press release:

Ninuku Archivist™ organizes Facebook users' posts chronologically on a month-by-month, chapter-by-chapter basis, saving each chapter as a PDF file. Users can also create chapters from photos they have uploaded or in which they've been tagged. Users select the photos they want to include, and Ninuku Archivist automatically lays them out, along with their captions, onto PDF pages. Photo, Profile and Monthly Status Chapters can then be combined into quarterly, semi-annual, or annual PDF books.


Here's a sample page from a "status chapter":


All you have to do is print out the .PDFs, bind them in a handsome leather cover, and you will have a timeless reminder of all the hours you wasted at work in the early 2000s.

Can't you just see your elderly self, sitting by the fusion fireplace with a little genetically-modified grandchild on your knee, flipping through your Ninuku Archivist™ Facebook books? "Here's the time Grandma had an awful hangover and grandpa 'liked' her status update about vomiting on the kitchen floor. Grandma and Grandpa didn't talk for a long time after that."


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