I have wanted to hop a plane to Billund and take this tour for years, but to date I have yet to make the pilgrimage to Lego Mecca. In 2015, I'm going beg my parents to watch my then 6 month old child and 2 dogs because Lego has published tour dates and details for 2015 and I'm definitely going this time.


The cost is $2500 per person, which is not that much considering that Lego will put you up in Hotel Legoland from Tuesday through Friday and provide all meals from Wednesday at 1:00 pm until Friday afternoon. The company will also provide all transportation during the tour events.

Registration starts at 1:00 pm (Danish Time, GMT +2) on Monday November 3. At this time there will be a link available on the event page which will send you to a online registration form where you and four of your friends or family can get set up for the tour.


2015 LEGO Inside Tour Dates

May 5 - May 8

May 19 - May 22

June 9 - June 12

June 16 - June 19

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