How to take an exclusive tour of the Lego factory in 2015

I have wanted to hop a plane to Billund and take this tour for years, but to date I have yet to make the pilgrimage to Lego Mecca. In 2015, I'm going beg my parents to watch my then 6 month old child and 2 dogs because Lego has published tour dates and details for 2015 and I'm definitely going this time.

The cost is $2500 per person, which is not that much considering that Lego will put you up in Hotel Legoland from Tuesday through Friday and provide all meals from Wednesday at 1:00 pm until Friday afternoon. The company will also provide all transportation during the tour events.


Registration starts at 1:00 pm (Danish Time, GMT +2) on Monday November 3. At this time there will be a link available on the event page which will send you to a online registration form where you and four of your friends or family can get set up for the tour.

2015 LEGO Inside Tour Dates

May 5 - May 8

May 19 - May 22

June 9 - June 12

June 16 - June 19

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I went in '08 for 10,000ddk (about 2100$) so not too bad for inflation... The swag is good... meeting some of the designers, tours of the factory, the Idea House (Ole's house), behind the scenes of the park, trip to the employee store, & a Town Plan set signed by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Plus got to be in the park on the 40th anniversary of opening day.

Was part of a whorl-wind tour of Europe & the other 2 parks... But if/when again, I'll do Billand first (as you get(got?) an annual pass that'll get you in all the parks w/o paying more$$)...