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Earlier this year, Nvidia dropped a bomb on the world of graphics processing with the Titan, a real luducrious powerhouse what cost a whopping $1,000. Now, the monsterous Titan is getting (another) "affordable" twin in the form of the Gefore GTX 780Ti, which Nvidia's calling the best gaming GPU on the planet.


The GeForece GTX 780Ti comes with 3GB of the fastest GDDR5 available on any graphics card anywhere, providing, 336GB/sec of peak memory bandwidth. It's also got 2,880 CUDA Cores, 25 percent more than the GeForce GTX 780, the previous peak of non-Titan power. And then it also comes with GPU Boost 2.0 which helps to maximize clockspeeds in all scenarios, and support for G-sync, Nvidia's recently announced tech that aims to end screen tearing forever. *fingers crossed*


The result is that (a pair) of GeForce GT 780Tis can handle modern, games like Batman Arkham Origins, or Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag at 4K resolutions with all the bells and whistles. Though that's also a trick you could pull of with a pair of Titans (crazy expensive) or a pair of 780s (not quiite as good) as well.

Of course, getting a setup you could appreciate that on will cost you a smallish fortune. The GeForce GTX 780Ti still runs the pricey, devoted enthusiast cost of $700 or $1400 for two. But if you can afford to pick one up (and a 4K display), you probably won't be disappointed.

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