Illustration for article titled Nvidias 3DTV Play Brings 3D From PC to 3DTVs

Problem: Nvidia's GeForce GPU can display 3D, but in a different standard than the HDMI 1.4 plug that the upcoming crop of 3D TVs are going to use. Solution: Nvidia's 3DTV Play software, which reconciles the difference. That was easy!

If you already own Nvidia's 3D Vision kit, you're eligible to get 3DTV Play as a free upgrade. If you'd rather not bother, you can pick up 3DTV Play separately for $40. Since your 3DTV comes with stereoscopic glasses anyway, you may be better off with the standalone. It'll also support Blu-ray 3D in 1080p, 3D photos, or streaming 3D movie content.


This kind of technology may seem a little premature—the sets that it's capable with are only just now beginning to trickle out—but it's going to be an uphill battle to get people to accept 3D on a large scale. The sooner even the smallest hesitations can be allayed, the better. [Nvidia via Electronista]

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