NYC Nikola Tesla Exhibit Opens Tomorrow, In Time For His 157th Birthday

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A new exhibit dedicated to the work of Nikola Tesla opens tomorrow at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Called Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity, this homage to the late inventor was assembled with help from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. Why tomorrow? Because July 10th is Tesla's birthday, and is also deemed "Nikola Tesla Day" by the Nikola Tesla Memorial Society.

Sadly, I'm way over here in California, so I won't be able to check it out. But if you're in the New York area, it looks like it could be a fascinating exhibit. It includes photographs, models of some of Tesla's laboratories, and working models of some inventions.

The press release includes a description of the models that are included:

Among the items represented are induction motors with egg-shaped and disc-shaped rotors, a Tesla coil, Tesla’s pump with computer-animated working principles, a model of the Adams’ power station on the Niagara River, a model of Tesla’s laboratory in Colorado Springs, and a model of Tesla’s airplane with vertical takeoff and landing capability.


The exhibit is open until October 20, 2013 and is free when you pay for admission to the museum, which will set you back $11 per adult and $8 per child, student or senior.

There's no word if Tesla's model for a perfect society—free of those deemed unfit to breed and overweight people—might be included. Presumably, you'll find out at the door.


Image: Model of Wardenclyffe Tower courtesy of the New York Hall of Science