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LP to MP3 stories are as old as the digital format itself. Instead of the standard old "How To" story, NYT takes a look at two new turntables that make the task a cinch, judging them and recommending the best.



The NYT found the iTTUSB pretty straightforward, although the bundled software (Audacity) can be intimidating for newbies. Nevertheless, assembly is simple and once you block a few hours and read the accompanying FAQs, you should have no problems.


Audio Technica's LP2Da

The LP2Da doesn't work with Macs and it requires an analog line input jack, but otherwise it's easier to use than the iTTUSB thanks to Cakewalk Pyro, which makes burning a CD and converting .wav files to MP3 a one-touch process.

Sound-wise, it was difficult to distinguish the LP from the resulting CD (audiophiles will no doubt hear the difference). My recommendation, if you've got an extensive collection of LPs consider yourself lucky and listen to them the way they were meant to be listened—on a record player.

The Turntables That Transform Vinyl [NYT]


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