NZXT's Aluminum Khaos Case Is Curved Like Battlestar's Number Six

Illustration for article titled NZXTs Aluminum Khaos Case Is Curved Like Battlestars Number Six

NZXT's been making slightly expensive gaming cases for a while, but their latest full tower Khaos case looks very nice. It's got dual power supply support, 2-3mm aluminum build, a total of 7 fan slots and a price of $399. Did we mention that it looks nice? This case alone costs more than some fully-built computers, but if you're the type of gamer that likes to haul your rig to LAN parties in order to compare your aluminum wang to your buddies', you could do a lot worse. [NZXT]


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While aluminum does save on the weight a little, I'd rather have a steel case. They cost only a little more and make a HUGE difference with noise reduction. Far less vibration with a steel case. When you have a gaming case like this that will have a dozen fans going at once it matters. So it is a little less luggable. If you were worried about hauling it around on a regular basis, you are not buying this case anyways.

The noise factor is the same reason most of the better home theatre PCs are built out of steel.