Oakley's 3D Glasses Arriving Just in Time For Tron Legacy

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Personally, I'm hoping all this 3D business will just go away if I ignore it long enough, but if you're riding the wave, you might want a decent pair of 3D spectacles. Oakley's new Tron-branded pair should be suitably futuristic.


The Tron:Legacy Oakleys, the first in their line of passive polarized 3D shades, will have some neon Tronesque doodads on the side but will also purportedly offer greater peripheral viewing and a better 3D alignment than most glasses.

You'll have to pay $150 for that fidelity when the Oakleys are available later this year, so if you're prone to losing your glasses, as I am, investing in one of those neck lanyards might not be a bad idea. [Oakley via Engadget]

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Oakley has never made a pair of glasses that was worth their ridiculous price tag. These at least offer some sort of utilitarian purpose (if you can consider being able to indulge in a3D entertainment "utilitarian"), but they are still stupidly overpriced – even for Movie Merch.