Obama Supports Warrantless Wiretapping, Just Like Bush

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So much for change: Wired reports that Obama's administration is lining with Bush on supporting the warrantless-eavesdropping program, urging the courts to drop a case against it. Paraphrasing Stewart: It's only f*ck*ng day one.


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Even while we knew that he supported legislation back in July 2008, it's sad to see this happening. Now we know what it said in the envelope: "Welcome to the damn real world, sonny. W." [Wired]


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Facts not in evidence.

The acting Attorney General Mark Filip, who was Bush's Deputy Attorney General and serves because Obama's nominee has not been confirmed by the Senate, refiled currently pending paperwork changing references to "President Bush" to "President Obama".

I have not yet seen any citation of any statement of a position for or against coming from President Obama or anyone nominated by him. While he may in fact be in favor of some or all of this wiretapping the current claims here are based on facts not in evidence.