Octava HDMI Cross Switch: Cheap

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With the emergence of HDMI as a popular audio/video connection, home theatre buffs will require HDMI switchers, but so will the cheapies who bought stripped down HDTVs with only 1 input.

The Octava 3x2 Cross Switch can take 3 HDMI/DVI signals and place them, in any combination, on 2 HD displays by bundled remote. They call it "Picture By Picture", which cracked me up enough to post the story.


The unit also claims to improve digital video signals...probably by an ancient wizard imbuing the device with magical powers. But what we like? The unit runs $274, or about half the price of a popular 4x2 switcher. Until HDMI switchers are as inexpensive as their RCA counterparts, the Octava looks like a good deal.

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