Odette Annable Will Play Supergirl's Next Big Bad, Reign

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The third season of Supergirl is bringing a new villain to National City, but it’s a threat from Kara’s homeworld coming to bite her in the ass: say hello to Reign, who will be played by House alum Odette Annable.

First teased at the end of Supergirl’s season finale recently, Reign’s arrival will lead to the show’s own take on the 2012 Worldkillers storyline from the Supergirl New 52 comic series. In the comics, the Worldkillers were a group of genetically enhanced beings who were experimented on by Kryptonian scientists on a secret space station, and later abandoned.

When the Worldkillers—Reign, Perrilus, Deimax, and the Flower of Heaven—awoke, they saw that not only had the planet of their captors had been destroyed, but that they’d been transformed into bloodthirsty conquerors, hellbent on finding any clues about their real origins as well as cities to level. Like Kara, Reign has many superabilities, including superstrength, speed, flight, and stamina, although hers were born through genetic enhancement rather than the presence of a yellow sun.


It’ll be interesting to see how Supergirl plans to tackle the storyline, especially as we pretty much just had an alien invasion from Kara’s past arc with the Daxamites in season two. The Worldkillers, if Reign is joined by the rest of her group, will make for a more intimately-scaled villain than Rhea’s invading armies, at least. Supergirl season three is set to air this fall.