Of Course This Giant Lite Brite Tapestry Involves a Unicorn

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If you're going to make a one-third scale replica of a 15th-century tapestry out of 55,000 Lite Brite pegs and 36 pegboards, you'd better dadgum well pick the 15th-century tapestry with a unicorn and a pink lion.

Thankfully, artist Joey Syta agrees, and his piece—entitled My Only Desire—turned out pretty amazing.

To get the full color spectrum he required to bring The Lady and the Unicorn to full peggable life, Syta had to call in Lite Brite components from all over the world.The whole thing took two years to pull together, but I'd say it was worth it, especially if he can find enough extension cords to actually light that sucker up.


Oh, and if you were wondering, it's nowhere near the record for the world's biggest Lite Brite—but it's undoubtedly the spunkiest. [Joey Syta via Boing Boing]