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Official Commodore 64 Emulator Returns to the App Store

Illustration for article titled Official Commodore 64 Emulator Returns to the App Store

After being smacked down not once, but twice by the ridiculous App Store approval process, Manomio's fully-licensed Commodore 64 emulator is back in the App Store.


Not only is it back and fully compliant with the SDK agreement, C64 is also up to 30% better than previous versions in terms of performance (battery life and smoother game play). The addition of International Soccer, International Basketball and International Tennis brings the total number of playable games up to 8, with Bruce Lee and others arriving in the 1.2 update set to arrive in mid December. C4 is available now in the app store for $5. [iTunes]

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Does anyone know the process for adding additional games to this emulator? Do they have to convert them for us, or could we somehow take a 1541 and plug it into an Amiga and convert it over to a usable format for it to read? It would a fantastic opportunity if we could easily convert the ridiculous number of games sitting in basements everywhere. Eight games is a nice proof of concept, but let's move it to the next level. #c64