Official Wii Fit Video Shows Off Hula Hooping, Soccer Headers

Nintendo put a promo video online for Wii Fit and its Balance Board accessory that shows its new title in action. After watching the video, we found out that Wii Fit can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Here are some other secrets we found out about Wii Fit:

-The Balance Board features a pressure sensor which detects your weight shifts and predicts the movement for the rest of your body.

-There are a number of standard fitness activities included such as balancing exercises, pushups, yoga, BMI calculation and other calisthenics.

-Also included are a number of mini games such as hula hoop, soccer and a marble madness-type game which use the Balance Board in interesting ways.

-What's bound to become a favorite is the rhythm game that looks like a bastard mix between DDR and a Richard Simmons video (red tank top and short shorts not required).

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Nintendo's going to sell thousands.

I like it!

You know, I've been thinking about buying a Wii since it came out.

And after I've played some games on it at a friends I was really impressed.

The graphics seemed fine enough, but the gameplay was really awesome.

And it they reincarnate Mario Cart well I'm sold!

This console simply kicks ass. And call me crazy, but if this Wii Fit thingy is worth its money and they produce some kind of nice fitness game for it, I'll buy it right away. (I bet it'll still be cheaper than a years worth of gym, even though I know that this is a bad comparison)

One more thing:

They should integrate this Wii Fit into their racing games as throttle and brake.

Could work.