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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Oh Hell Yes There's a Game of Thrones Cookbook (Actually There Are Two)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Unsheathe thy sword valiant soldier! Go forth into the wilderness, slay a formidable beast and tonight we shall dine like kings. Er, I mean, season two is here, so let's make mead and cook up recipes from this batch of Game of Thrones cookbooks.


Let's begin with A Feast of Ice and Fire by food bloggers Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer. It's officially sanctioned, but unfortunately, the $35 book it won't be out till May 29th. When it's out you'll be able to enjoy such delicacies as:

  • The Wall: Rack of Lamb and Herbs; Pork Pie; Mutton in Onion-Ale Broth; Mulled Wine; Pease Porridge
  • The North: Beef and Bacon Pie; Honeyed Chicken; Aurochs with Roasted Leeks; Baked Apples
  • The South: Cream Swans; Trout Wrapped in Bacon; Stewed Rabbit; Sister's Stew; Blueberry Tarts
  • King's Landing: Lemon Cakes; Quails Drowned in Butter; Almond Crusted Trout; Bowls of Brown; Iced Milk with Honey
  • Dorne: Stuffed Grape Leaves; Duck with Lemons; Chickpea Paste
  • Across the Narrow Sea: Biscuits and Bacon; Tyroshi Honeyfingers; Wintercakes; Honey-Spiced Locusts

If you aren't willing to wait until almost June to get your Game of Thrones cuisine a cooking, The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook by Alan Kistler will be available next week. Here's a sampling of the recipes:

  • Arbor Red Wine-the finest spirit in the Seven Kingdoms
  • The House of Stark's Venison, Apple, Cheddar Plaits-savory meat pies, fit for any Warden of the North
  • The Imp's Wild Strawberry Fool-a dessert light enough to make Tyrion smile
  • Wilding Grilled Pork Chops with Stir-Grilled Apples-the meal of choice at Craster's Keep
  • Tears of Lys-the concoction of choice for bartenders and assassins alike

Two options, how wonderful. There's nothing better than enjoying my fantasy novels repackaged as television with fantasy novels repackaged as television repackaged as cookbooks. [San Jose Mercury NewsThanks to Sarah Brown!]