Oh hey, Google Wallet is on iOS. The new app comes a few days after Wallet's wide release to Android phones. Since iOS devices don't support NFC, you won't be able to use the "tap and pay" function, but you can send money to friends with just an email address, as well as scan in your loyalty cards. [Apple via Engadget]


RCU Celaya

Isis payment system needs to die. I am sick and tired of the carriers blocking our ability pay using Google Wallet. If they continue to block it NFC payments will never be widely adopted, companies will stop accepting NFC payments and NO ONE will be able to use NFC to pay. In other words, thanks to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon everyone is going to lose. I had to use a workaround to use Google Wallet on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I loved using it and I saw the potential. Imagine a day where forget your wallet or lose it somehow (God forbid). You could end up stranded somewhere, but as long as you have your phone you have access to money. I really hope they drop this Isis crap. If they do, then maybe, hopefully, iPhones will get NFC one day as well.