Oh, hooray — seagulls are pooping resistant bacteria on beaches


Comes news that could lead someone to adapt Alfred Hitchcock's horror film "The Birds" and take it in a different direction-a direction that's both scary and scatalogical. Maryn McKenna, the science journalist widely known as Scary Disease Girl, tweeted this alert:

Seagulls: threat or menace? They're pooping resistant bacteria on your favorite beach.


She gives details in her blog: "At the annual ICAAC meeting in Chicago, the largest infectious-disease conference in the United States, Dr. Patrice Nordmann of the Hopital de Bicetre near Paris disclosed results of a small study that looked for resistant bacteria in the feces of seagulls landing on Miami Beach in Florida."

Here are videos of (1) Dr. Nordmann, urged on by a Dr. Fox, describing the discovery; (2) a video of Mr. Hitchock lecturing about his own, earlier discovery; (3) an abstract of Mr. Hitchcock's old thesis; and (4) a short portion of Mr. Hitchock's seminal work, showing the effect of certain birds upon certain students.

This post originally appeared on Improbable Research.



First they steal your sammich. Now they're pooping bacteria. From petty theft to biological warfare. How long until they develop a proper weapon of mass destruction?

We must stop this threat now, while we still can. The solution? KILL ALL SEAGULLS!