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If you're in the market for a new digital camera, give the new Ricoh Caplio R30 a try. The cheaper follow-up to the original Caplio R3 camera, the R30 looks to have lots of great features. You'll be getting 5.13 megapixels with this bad boy and 5.7x optical zooming capability. This camera includes a newly-developed lens storage system, the Double Retracting Lens System, which keeps it real sexy and thin like a bolemic model from Milan. It's quick, too, with a .007 (cue the theme music) response time for quick snapping. All your shots can be previewed on a 2.5" LCD screen, the battery life on a single charge lasts up to 330 shots, and it uses the standard cards like SD and MMC for storage. Not bad, Ricoh, not bad. All this for about $387 makes the Ricoh Caplio R30 a great camera for someone wanting to step up a bit, but not go SLR and empty their pockets.

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