Ignore the grumblings of some sourpuss Gizmodo staffers: OK Go's new video for "The Writing's On the Wall" is just straight-up fun for your ears and your eyes, thanks to a plethora of optical illusions rendered in the real world, rather than on a computer.

The crazy one-take mindbender genre is familiar territory for OK Go—they've done it with cars, toast, and so much more. Cynical old bloggers like those called out above may say that makes this old hat, but I disagree. When you find something you're really, really good at, you don't abandon it, you hone it.


Technically, you could probably recreate this video at home, given infinite access to paint, patience, and a crew of maniacally fastidious people dedicated to perfecting each visual trick, in order, without fail. That sounds like a recipe for insanity. Better to leave it to the pros, and in this case, that's OK Go. [YouTube]

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