Okay, We'll Give You One More Zombie Story

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Think that Pride & Prejudice & Zombies has taken zombies as far as they could go? DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint introduces Victorian Undead, in which 19th Century London is overrun by zombies, and only Sherlock Holmes can save the day.

After a teaser image (below) released early last week, Vertigo's The Bleed blog revealed the details of the six-part series:

London, the year 1854. Gas lamps throw long shadows across closed storefronts; a horse-drawn carriage prattles down the cobblestone street, paying no mind to the feral children sleeping in the alley. The only sounds audible at this late-night hour are a bit of music rising from the pub on the corner and the low moan of a zombie shuffling over the sidewalk.

Wait – zombies?

Why are the dead rising in London? Who or what is behind their resurrection? It's up to a certain famous detective and his erstwhile comrade to find out.


Written by 2000AD veteran Ian Edginton, the thank-God-Holmes-is-in-the-public-domain-now series will be illustrated by Star Wars and Brothers In Arms artist Davide Fabbri. It launches in November.


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