Old School Calculators Still Do It For Some

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There's lots of gadgets on the NY subways. I don't get as lucky as Jesus, but yesterday I looked over at this (ok, hairy) man tapping on a very '90s looking calculator.


At first I wanted to make fun of him, but he told me that he always has his Sharp calculator in his pocket for work and such since he can't stand the one on his BlackBerry Curve. It is true the calculator on the Curve kinda sucks, though the iPhone's isn't enough to make me switch. Granted I don't use the calculator for much—not, apparently, nearly as much as this guy.

The Wall Street Journal is all over a different type of calculator dilemma, how TI's newest $135 graphing TI-Nspire is overkill for some and many students prefer older graphing models or just iPhone apps. Are you with this guy? Can nothing replace the old-school calculator? Or do you think he's just a holdout, and calculators are destined to melt away entirely into cellphone firmware, end of story?


i love my ti-83 silver edition and also get a lot of use out of my $15 casio scientific, but as an engineering student i probably do more number crunching than most people.