Olympus E-620 Entry-Level DSLR Has Swiveling Live View, Impressive Specs

Illustration for article titled Olympus E-620 Entry-Level DSLR Has Swiveling Live View, Impressive Specs

Non-crippled DSLRs don't get a whole lot cheaper than $700, so it's heartening to see the Olympus E-620 carry such a solid spec sheet at that crucial price point.


The E-620 is a 12.3 megapixel Four Thirds DSLR—the company says it borrows tech from its big brother, the E-30, and crams it into a body not unlike the tiny (and slightly underperforming) E-420. In-camera image stabilization, which has the dual advantages of keeping low-light images from blurring and negating the need for buying expensive anti-shake lenses, is included, as are a variety of new software filters, image manipulation software and "Shadow Control", which sounds a bit like the highlight/shadow controls found in Photoshop and Lightroom. A range of live view options, such as white balance previewing and aspect ratio previewing, are available via the 2.7in LCD screen, which can swivel around to accommodate plenty of shooting scenarios.

Aside from the articulated LCD screen, nothing stands out as particularly innovative. It's the fact that it's able to include most of the standard features of a much more expensive model that makes the E-620 interesting. The E-620 will ship in May for $700, body-only, or for $800 with a 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 lens. Press release and full rundown available at [DPReview]


Seems to me that a lot of camera manufacturers are now trying to shoe-horn a load of point and shoot 'functions' into a dSLR body for no reason ( as far as I can see ). I have a D200. I am not interested in 'live view', or in 'art filters' and in camera adjustments...death throes (sp ? ) of Olympus dSLRs maybe ?