Olympus' E-PL1s Has Larger ISO Range and Is World's Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera

Illustration for article titled Olympus E-PL1s Has Larger ISO Range and Is Worlds Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera

Going by Apple's method of whacking an "s" on the end of an only-slightly improved product, Olympus' E-PL1s features an improved battery and larger ISO range, from 3200 to 6400. Weighing 454g (including lens), pricing's yet to be confirmed. [AkihabaraNews]


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For all the viewfinder comments, if you want it then just purchase it, the EPL-1 was going for 400 with a 14-42 lens at fry's just a week ago. Not a bad price at all so if you have some extra cash and need a view finder just buy it.