OMG We're Moto Whores: Hands-On With the KRZR, RAZR XX, and RAZR MAXX

Moto, you never call, and you never write. Then, last night, unannounced, you drop press releases at the end of the day, five minutes before I'm supposed to go to dinner with my high-maintenance girlfriend. (Just kidding, honey!)

While we journalists are left outside in the cold, Anal-ysts at Moto HQ's Annual Analyst Week are having a hoot — a hoot we say! — playing with the KRZR, RAZR XX, and RAZR MAXX. You've really hurt Gizmodo's feelings now. Sniff! Sasha Segan, of Gear Log, penetrates the gathering of the Anal-Ones, and reports with his hands, not with his eyes:

The RAZR XX feels just like a standard RAZR in the hand — same grooved-metal finish - but when you put it side by side with an old RAZR, you realize it's slightly larger.

The MAXX is a boat. It's huge. It also feels like furniture because of that silky soft-touch PEBL-like finish.

If the MAXX is furniture, the KRAZR is jewelry. It's very shiny, all over, and has an almost glassy finish. The touch-sensitive music buttons that appear out of nowhere on the front are very cool...



Hands all over Moto KRZR, RAZR XX, and RAZR MAXX [Via Gearlog]


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