Ominous Cloud Over Hong Kong Hints at An Alien Invasion

Image: Alfred Lee. Reproduced with permission.
Image: Alfred Lee. Reproduced with permission.

Photographer Alfred Lee has captured a stunning image of an unusual cloud in the skies above Hong Kong—one that bears a striking resemblance to the invading Martian spaceships in War of the Worlds.

The War of the Worlds (1953)
The War of the Worlds (1953)

Lenticular clouds like this one are often mistaken for UFOs owing to their lens-like shape and smooth saucer-like appearance. Looking at this photograph it’s easy to see why.


These clouds tend to form at high altitudes and are aligned at nearly perfect right angles to the wind direction. Hong Kong doesn’t typically get clouds like this, so it’s fortunate that Lee was able to capture this picture. The formation only lasted for a few minutes.

This photograph also features an iridescent cloud directly behind the lenticular cloud. Its rainbow-like features are produced by water droplets that diffract incoming sunlight. Together, the lenticular and iridescent clouds make for an awesome—and exceptionally rare—sight.


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Iron Man's Pants

Hong Kong is invaded everyday by Mainlanders :)