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On August 12th at 7pm, Gizmodo Staff in New York, San Francisco, London and other cities will be organizing meetups, and we're looking for readers to organize Meetups in their own cities!


Here's how it works: We're using Meetup Everywhere to organize meetups around the world. Visit the Gizmodo Day page or use the widget below and join a Meetup in your city. Don't see one? You can Schedule a Gizmodo Day Meetup in your own city and become the organizer. We'll be in touch and send you Gizmodo Stickers to hand out (while supplies last!), and you'll receive fame and glory here on

Attending a Gizmodo Day Meetup? RSVP on Facebook to let all your friends know.

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I'm having a meet-up in my van. Wal-Mart Parking lot in Washington at midnight. Free Candy!