One Consumer's Odyssey In Getting Her Motorola RAZR Repaired

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One unlucky lady went through almost a dozen Motorola phone operators to try and get her Motorola V3i RAZR replaced or repaired. Reading through her IM story, we felt like she was Odysseus, her repaired RAZR was Odysseus's wife/home, and Motorola's phone jockeys were Poseidon, tossing her about the sea like a ruthless bitch.

Long story short—though you should really go to Consumerist and read the long story—they shipped her a used Canadian V3i when they promised a new American V3i, and so far refused to cooperate further. The last call rep even pulled the old "trust me, I work for Motorola" on her as an excuse not to document, via email, what they agreed on in a conversation. Makes you want to just run right out and buy a Moto, doesn't it?


Motorola V3i Stops Working For No Good Reason, Wants To Charge $175 [Consumerist]

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