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One Of Game Of Thrones' Nastiest Villains Is Making A Comeback

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

And the show may have cast a major character for some flashback scenes. Who’s fighting whom in Civil War? Deadpool has a lot more Green Lantern jokes... that won’t make it into the film. Plus, American Horror Story’s “most disturbing” scene, and our first look at Sleepy Hollow’s Betsy Ross. Behold, Spoilers!

Captain America: Civil War

An unnamed source talking to Heroic Hollywood—so, as ever with unnamed sources, keep a pinch of salt at the ready—has allegedly revealed a break down of the two sides the main cast will split up into: One led by Iron Man, the other led by Captain America.


Iron Man’s team will consist of War Machine, the Vision, Black Widow, and ultimately Spider-Man (when he makes his appearance). Captain America on the other hand will be supported by Falcon, Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man. The rumor further states that Black Panther will be a neutral figure in the conflict, and at least one Avenger on one of the teams is a double-agent for the other side.

Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo

Chris Miller discusses delivering a new approach to one of Star Wars’ most loved characters in Han Solo:

Oh man, that’s our big challenge, right? It’s a huge pressure. We always try and find something that’s gonna make us... give a fire to our bellies and do a really good job. And this feels like there’s a lot of pressure to not screw this up. So we’ve definitely got that motivation and then the rest of it is about trying to give audiences a fresh experience that doesn’t feel like you’re just trying to check off some checklist of beats that you’re expecting and make something that feels new and exciting for people, but at the same time honoring what was so great about that character.



The Three-Body Problem

Production on a Chinese movie adaptation of the first book in Liu Cixin’s bestselling trilogy has come to a close, according to the film crew. [Shanghai Daily]


Kellan Lutz has joined the cast of Shane Abbess’ sci-fi thriller. Lutz will play Sy, a character who meets Daniel McPhearson’s character Kane, as they “work together to rescue Kane’s young daughter Indi and reach safety amid an impending global crisis caused by the very company Kane works for.” [THR]



Director Tim Miller discusses an extended riff on the failed, Ryan-Reynolds-starring Green Lantern film, that will probably not make it into the final movie:

We shot a few more Green Lantern jokes, but I’m not sure how many will survive the cut. Ryan definitely had some Green Lantern issues to work out. We had about a minute’s worth of dialogue between him and Colossus where he talks about it, like, ‘So a guy comes with a thousand-dollar suit and says, “We want you to play a superhero,” but there’s no script yet and the release date is completely unmakeable…’ He goes on this whole anti-Green Lantern run, but I’m not sure it’ll stay in, because probably not even half the people in the theatres will get those jokes…that scene’s one for the DVD extras, for sure.




Lea Seydoux, Rebecca Ferguson, and Abbey Lee are being considered for the film’s lead female role of Bella Donna Boudreaux. In the comics, Boudreaux was the daughter of New Orlean’s Assassin Guildmaster, and Remy LeBeau/Gambit’s first love—as well as a mutant who develops similar powers to Gambit’s. [Coming Soon]


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Jenn Murray has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. [Coming Soon]

Mortal Kombat

Fast and Furious’ James Wan has been tapped to produce the movie adaptation of the bloody fighting game series. [Coming Soon]


Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo Del Toro briefly discusses the film’s returning cast:

No, no, no, Charlie Day has a great part, but so does Charlie Hunnam. I think that everybody or most everybody that survived is back. The rest we killed. We killed half the cast.



X-Men Apocalypse

Bryan Singer has posted a new behind-the-scenes image to Instagram, this time of a gigantic “X” formed out of metal girders. The film’s set design is allegedly filled with subtle “X” symbols in the background, and this appears to be the least subtle of them.


Game of Thrones

Actor David Bradley has confirmed that Walder Frey will reappear on the show—although he doesn’t explain when exactly Frey will return:

He will be coming back, but I can’t say when. I can’t really say, because things are in a delicate situation.



Sources speaking to Watchers on the Wall—so once again, salt shakers at the ready—claim that a young British actor named Sebastian Croft has been cast as a young Ned Stark to appear in flashback scenes on the show. Could this be the long-rumored Tower of Joy sequence, in which we learn the truth about Jon Snow’s parents?


Doctor Who

Former Doctor David Tennant and former showrunner Russell T Davies have allegedly been spotted on the set during the filming of season 9.


Although it’s common for former cast and crew to visit the set during filming, the appearance of the duo has lead to incredibly wild speculation that filming of a scene that takes place during the season 4 episode The Fires of Pompeii (which starred Peter Capaldi in a guest role) is taking place—which will reveal why the 12th Doctor chose the face that he did when he regenerated, including new footage featuring Tennant. Once again, keep those salt shakers at the ready for rumors coming from unnamed sources. [Spoiler TV]


Sheila Larkin will reprise her role as Scully’s mother in the second episode of the new season. [TV Line]



Episode 5 of the fifth season is titled “Rat King”. [Spoiler TV]

American Horror Story: Hotel

Speaking at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, Ryan Murphy describes Max Greenfield’s role in Hotel’s most disturbing scene:

He plays an addict who checks into the hotel and tangles with Sarah Paulson,” Murphy elaborated. “I said [to him], ‘I have a feeling that you can and want to do something really f—ked up.’ And he said, ‘How did you know?’ So he cut off his beautiful hair and dyed it. And I think he’s lost 30 pounds. Yesterday, I talked to him and his waist I think is down to a 27. So he’s really committed to it.”

The most disturbing scene we’ve ever done, he’s at the center of. He really pushed himself as an actor. I was proud of him.


[TV Line]

Once Upon A Time

Episode 2 of the new season will feature a royal ball in Camelot, according to Edward Kitsis:

I can tell you Episode 2 is a ball at Camelot. Eduardo [Castro], our fantastic costume designer, re-created it. It looks unlike anything we’ve done on the show before. It’s spectacular.


[TV Guide]

Sleepy Hollow

Finally, here’s our first look at the show’s take on Betsy Ross, the legendary seamstress of the American flag. [Entertainment Weekly]


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Game of Thrones.