Image: Google

The internet is down in part of Chile, quite literally. One of Googleā€™s data-spewing Loon balloons appears to have crashed in the South American country over the weekend.

The balloon seems to have landed in a farmerā€™s field east of Los Ɓngeles (not that one, no, the one in Chile). Google tells the local press that the ā€œlanding was controlled locally, and in the end it was possible to carry out a slow descent.ā€ It had apparently finished a successful test flight. Though clearly, not that successfully. Chileā€™s civil aviation authority is expected to investigate the crash.


One of Googleā€™s Loon balloons crashed into a mint field in Yakima, Washington, a couple years back, managing to cause a power outage. Clearly the complex math designed to keep the balloons aloft doesnā€™t always play out quite right.

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