One of the Most Stupid Kitchen Contraptions I've Ever Come Across

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What is wrong with this country? Heck, what's wrong with the so-called "First World"? Do we really need to keep inventing and producing useless pieces of junk like this transvestite of tongs, fork and spatula called "Stake"?

I say no. You don't need to pay $30 for yet another moronic piece of equipment that tries to merge three perfectly useful utensils in one clumsy piece of hardware that will be hard to clean, no matter how they make it look in the infomercial. Not to talk about the potential to get a bacterial infection to your family and guests.

From a cook to the fellow cook reading these words: Real cooks don't use this crap. [Quirky]

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This can't be any worse than that godawful thing that was supposed to allow you to microwave eggs.

This is fairly benign, even if the design looks faulty. At least this doesn't insult our intelligence with horribly shitty videos of people doing stupid shit, like that pan that was meant to fry perfect eggs and pancakes, showing some goofball burning the hell out of margarine and someone flipping a pancake over and having half of it hang over the rim of the pan. They might as well show someone burn water.