One Potential Batmobile

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How could Christopher Nolan ever follow up on the Tumbler? Maybe he won't. Maybe Batman will just walk. But should Nolan give in to inevitable studio pressure to design another new, marketable Battoy, I humbly propose this modified Lamborghini Ankonian.


A concept Russian design student Slavche Tanevski, the Ankonian, named after a breed of black-haired bull, combines sleek and angularity through a series of winged panels that appear carved from some metal obsidian alloy engineered for sheer badassery. And OLED lights built directly into the body, while a slight stretch of the imagination, are a welcome touch.

If Batman won't take it, we most certainly will. (Though if Bruce Wayne could still provide the funds, that might help.) [Car Design via AutoMotto via LikeCool]



I think I'd like to drive that car for one simple reason. I'd get an evil satisfaction knowing that every time I turn on my ginormous engine I'm probably killing a polar bear in the Artic.