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Onkyo wants to make it easy for you to record video from a TV or any other video source onto an SD card with its VR-1000J MPEG-4 Recorder, magically turning it into that MPEG-4 format of the Sony PSP or many mobile phones. No PC required, just plug the video in and out comes the PSP-playable video at 30fps at 320x240 in its superfine mode.

Sure, you can compress video for the PSP and transfer it to SD cards with your PC, and this is not the first MPEG-4 recorder, either—a Neuros MPEG-4 recorder beat this Onkyo unit to market by about two years—but this one looks way cooler with its pyramid-shaped design and greatly simplifies that whole pain-in-the-ass PSP video transfer process. If they ever to bring onto the United States, it'll cost around $171.


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