Only New T-Mobile Customers See Full Nexus One Discount

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One of our readers has encountered a problem with his Nexus One upgrade. Despite being a T-Mobile customer that qualifies for the full $180 contract price, his phone rang up at $379. HTC seems to think this is a-ok. UPDATED:

I just tried to order a nexus one from google as an existing T-Mobile customer and found that I was only seeing a $150 subsidy discount. I called T-Mobile and they indicated that I should see the full discount. They patched me through to HTC who then said I will only see the $150 as existing T-Mobile customer and that is the agreement. Looks like some lines are crossed or Google/HTC are holding existing customers hostage. Needless to say, I'll wait around and see if this changes.


Is this an isolated incident, or did you experience a similar problem as an existing T-Mobile customer? What about those of you that switched to T-Mobile for the Nexus One? [Thanks Quinn!]

UPDATE: According to the pricing FAQ on the Nexus One, $379 is the price for existing customers who are updating their data plans, $279 is the price for existing customers adding data plans and the $180 price seems to be reserved only for new T-Mobile customers. That's some crap right there.



Wow. Everyone chill. Its the same whining all the iphone users were doing when the 3gs came out. Boo hoo.

You know you can always not buy the phone. Or, better yet, switch carriers to spite t-mobile and google, and you can get a shinny new phone that way.