Only You Can Save Emmy Rossum Using Facebook

Remember the golden days of childhood, when you'd consume musty library copies of Choose Your Own Adventure books like so many Warheads, feeling like you controlled the universe? Well, here's your opportunity to recreate the magic: Inside, a legit film experiment in which you can help control the action, is premiering next Monday, July 25.


Inside stars Emmy Rossum as Christina, a girl trapped in a room with only a swanky 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor-powered Toshiba Satellite® P775 series laptop (say that three times fast, dare ya) and an untraceable Internet connection. With only her social network to help her, Christina will disseminate clues to lead her friends and followers to her secret location. You are invited to use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to interact with Christina to help her get out of her dilemma by posting tips, ideas and clues. Inside's editing team, led by Emmy-winning editor Josh Bodnar, will incorporate posts that best fit the storyline into the episodes as they come out.

Inside has been made possible by Intel and Toshiba, and they are hosting an open YouTube casting call (it closes on July 20—that's in 2 days, so start rehearsing now!). One person will have a chance to be cast in a role (selected by director D.J Caruso (Disturbia) and his team) that will be incorporated into the movie as a new character.

For information on how to enter, follow Inside at www.theinsideexperience.com, on Facebook and on Twittervia @theinsideexp or using hashtag #theinsideexperience.