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Oops! A Tippy Truck Spilled Tons of Sticky Chocolate All Over the Road

The truck on its side
The truck on its side
Photo: AP

When trucks full of stuff flip, they sometimes spill their contents on the ground. Sometimes it’s money. Sometimes it’s a ton of skittles. This time it’s warm, brown goo.


A truck spilled tons of liquid chocolate along a highway in western Poland on Wednesday, initially blocking six lanes of traffic, the Associated Press reports. This might be a dream of yours, until you actually see the caked sludge littering the highway. According to The New York Times:

It was not immediately clear why the truck, which local reports said had been carrying 12 tons of chocolate, overturned. But it ended up lying across the road, obstructing lanes in both directions.

As the chocolate dried under a mild spring sun, long lines of traffic grew on either side of the spill, and the authorities said it would probably be hours before the road was usable again.


Here are some photos of the spill and cleanup, which required bulldozers and hoses full of hot water to melt the solidifying chocolate.


There’s probably nothing to be learned here, aside from the fact that a chocolate swamp would probably be just as gross as the Candyland board game imagined it.

[The New York Times]


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So, literally the Hershey Highway?