Open Channel: Bid Your Farewell to Arrow

After eight fruitful seasons, Arrow’s coming to an end.
Image: The CW

Eight years and half as many Black Canaries later, Arrow comes to an end tonight. With Oliver Queen dead and Felicity absent for most of this season, the series already feels quite spiritually over.


But hey, Supernatural’s lasted 15 seasons, and while Stephen Amell’s out and Ollie’s dead-DEAD after tonight, Arrow’s beloved cast is still ready to compete for the “let’s keep this going for absolutely no good reason” award. So naturally, heading into the series finale, we’re looking for any clues pointed toward the Green Arrow and the Canaries backdoor pilot that aired last week. The spinoff show, if picked up for series, will follow Mia Queen, Dinah Drake, and Earth-2 Laurel Lance navigating a crime-less 2040 Star City, a city that has indeed been saved by the original Green Arrow, of course. How much more Arrow can be packed away and offloaded into the Canaries’ lap? We’re about to find out.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tonight is ripe for a sappy sendoff, and in preparation for tears of both joy and sadness, we’d love to reminisce on your most cherished Arrow memories of past, present, and future timelines. Whether it’s the best Stephen Amell salmon ladder scene, Felicity’s wildest hack, John Barrowman’s most memorable one-liner, a jaw-dropping cameo, the cutest Bollie (yes, Barry and Ollie) dialogue, the most thrilling team-up, or simply the most ludicrous episode plot you can think your final farewell to Arrow however you see fit in the comments below.

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Killa K

I maintain that season 2 of this show belongs high on the list of Best Seasons of Superhero TV Shows of All-Time. For that alone, I tip my hat to Arrow, a show I initially hate-watched and mocked.

Goddamn was Deathstroke great.