Open Channel: Celebrate David Lynch's Birthday With Some of His Best Works

Tell those clown comics what’s what.
Tell those clown comics what’s what.
Image: Showtime

Today is a very important day in this history of our world: David Lynch, surrealist icon, turns 75. There are few filmmakers with a career as deep and varied as Lynch’s body of work, from Eraserhead to Twin Peaks, all the way up to the return of his incredibly chill weather reports last year. But what’s your favorite Lynchian moment to celebrate his many happy returns?


This doesn’t necessarily have to be a moment on screen from his work, whether as a director or an actor; it could be a quote from an interview or even a wild story about his life. Let us know the moment that hits hardest, or just makes you laugh, or still awes you now as it did when you first saw it. Or, I dunno, post the Woody Woodpecker doll story, that’s always a good one.

Many happy returns, Mr. Lynch. Now get on celebrating in the comments!

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The Mad Profit Of The Airwaves

Two friends and I went to a grindhouse (in that it was a second run theater) to see his then latest. (Strobe lights used in clip.)

It was the three of us and maybe the projectionist. A private screening, if you will. After, one of the two made some kind of snarky comment that it was an extended Twilight Zone episode. I asked if that was supposed to be a bad thing.

This year for Christmas the same man gave me a collection of Rod Serling stories.

“We’ve met before, haven’t we?”