Open Channel: Where Should Archer Go From Here?

Malory Archer (Jessica Walter) moves between worlds in the season 10 finale.
Malory Archer (Jessica Walter) moves between worlds in the season 10 finale.
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Archer’s season 10 finale aired this week, and—though we’d been led to believe otherwiseas we learned at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, it was not the series finale after all. There were some hints in the penultimate episode, but in this week’s “Robert De Niro,” the FXX show finally did the damn thing.

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Do we even need a spoiler warning? Even if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you have to know that Sterling Archer—in a coma since he took a bullet at the end of season seven in 2016, making way for seasons set in a very noirish 1940s Los Angeles (season eight, Dreamland); the 1930s tropics (season nine, Danger Island); and outer space (the just-concluded 1999)—finally woke up. He’s back in the real world, finally!

But three years have passed, and since Malory—who’s been basically living in her son’s hospital room, waiting for him to wake up—doesn’t really fill him in on what’s happened during his long absence, that’ll fall on season 11 to do instead.

Since we really have no idea what’s in store, or when we’ll be seeing that next season, it’s time to indulge in some rampant speculation: Do you hope to see Archer return to wickedly funny spy-fi, as Amber “Pam Poovey” Nash hinted in this Collider interview, or do you have an even better scenario in mind? What do you think will have changed for all the characters in the three years we’ve spent dancing around Archer’s brain waves? What character would you like to see make a comeback? Will phrasing ever make its triumphant return? Share in the comments!

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