Open Channel: Who's Your Favorite Fictional Dad?

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Today is that annual barbecue-flavored festival of football games and wrist watches known as Father’s Day. It’s a time when people reach out to their father, mother, or parental figure to remind them they’re awesome (that reminds me, I still have to do that!). There are plenty of fictional papas who also inspire us, so let us know which one has inspired you.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for Alfred Pennyworth— and not just because of that one heartbreaking moment in Lego Batman (seriously, Batman, not cool, though you made up for it okay). He knew he couldn’t take the place of Bruce Wayne’s parents, nor did he try to, but he was always there for Bruce to offer support and guidance, as well as a firm hand when needed. I also admire Jessica Drew’s experiences as a single mother in last year’s Spider-Woman series, which seemed relatable whether you’re a mother, a father, or both.

So, let us know who your favorite fictional father or parental figure is. How did they inspire you, and how did they infuriate you? For io9 readers with kids... did they help you cope with parenthood in a way you didn’t expect? And most of all, what do you feel is missing from how fatherhood is represented in movies, shows, and comic books? Leave a comment below.