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OpenTable iPhone App: Easiest, Most Soulless Restaurant Reservations Ever

Illustration for article titled OpenTable iPhone App: Easiest, Most Soulless Restaurant Reservations Ever

Are you a socially awkward individual that loves eating out but hates talking to real people on the phone? Then you probably already know about OpenTable, the awesome online reservation site. Now they've got a free iPhone app that's even slicker and easier to use than their actual (or mobile) site. It'll find the restaurants closest to you and throw 'em on a Google map along with their available times—a few presses later, and you're booked (even if you don't have an OpenTable account). I did find one persistent crash though—every time I tried to look up my expired points, the whole app went own. Other than that though, it performed flawlessly. Sure, since you're doing this on your iPhone, you could almost as easily find a phone number and call. But who has time (or wants) to talk to actual people nowadays? This is faster, easier and yes, better, even if you can't slip the maître d' a Franklin or six to skip the line. Now if we could just get a Momofuku Ko resy app. [iTunes]

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Lite: an adventurer is me!

Uh, so using sites like Open Table to make reservations during a time in which the restaurant is closed, is anti-social? Let alone the fact that it will send e-mail reminders about your reservation, you can invite others through it, or that they send you deals (Hell, I get deals through Morton's lately.) and quite a few higher end restaurants use it here in Seattle?

Somebody isn't casting a wide net at all here.