Optimus mini three Keyboard Delayed Again

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The saga of Art.Lebedev Studio's Optimus mini three keyboard goes on. The three-button device with OLED screens underneath each button, which the company says might someday be expanded out to a full keyboard, has been delayed again, now pushed back from June 1 to August 15, 2006, because of, according to its developer, "additions and improvements we thought need to be made." Tipster Jeff was one who was seduced by the mini three OLED keyboard:

"I actually paid for the $100 prepay before April 1st when it became $120. Now the ship date has gone from June 1st, to August 15th and it looks like the price went up from $120 to now $160. However, those of us "smart" enough to get in on the ground floor won't have to pay a dime more (of course not, they can't refund the money; they've spent it). Here's to being optimistic, but I'm pulling out. It's vaporware in my book. Oh yeah, 5% extra off of any additional purchases. Wow."

The changes cited by Lebedev were the addition of an OLED brightness control for the screens, and extension of the lifetime of the screens to 8000 hours and 100,000 button pushes. The company also announced that development and production of the device were relocated from continental China to Taiwan.


Product Page Thanks, Jeff!